involved peopleStefanie Klum,
Petra Isenberg (PhD),
Dipl.-Ing. Ricardo Langner,
Torsten Müller,
Jean-Daniel Fekete (PhD) and
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Raimund Dachselt

type of projectExtended Diploma Thesis Project

Stackables (at YouTube).

Stackables: Combining Tangibles for Faceted Browsing


We introduce Stackables: tangibles designed to support faceted information seeking in a variety of contexts. We are faced, more than ever, with tasks that require us to find, access, and act on information by ourselves or together with others. Current interfaces for browsing and search in large data spaces, however, largely focus on the support of either individual or collaborative activities.

Stackables were designed to bridge this gap and be useful in meetings, for sharing results from individual search activities, and for realistic datasets including multiple facets with large value ranges. Each Stackable tangible represents search parameters that can be shared amongst collaborators, modified during an information seeking process, and stored and transferred. We describe Stackables, their exible and expressive combination to formulate queries, and the underlying interaction concept in detail. An evaluation provides initial evidence of their usability in targeted and exploratory information seeking tasks.


Concept and Prototype


Technical Realization, Latest Prototype


Interactivity @ CHI 2012 in Austin, Texas, USA


Master and Diploma Theses within this Project

  • Stefanie Klum
    Stackable Tangibles for Information VisualizationDiploma Thesis

    Stefanie Klum

    January 10th - July 18th, 2011


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