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News on the Workshop on Topology in Fluid Flow Visualization

In order to study and understand flow phenomena, visualization approaches have become a common tool. This is due to the fact that the human visual system can proceed large amounts of information in a very short time. Among the variety of existing visualization techniques, so-called topological methods play an important role because they promise to describe even complex phenomena with a low number of graphical primitives.

The workshop gives an overview of modern visualization approaches based on flow topology for unsteady flows. Chances, current challenges and limitations of such techniques are discussed as well as new potential areas of application. As part of the workshop, recent results from the ongoing EU FET-Open project SemSeg are presented.

The workshop is part of the intensive research period Knots & Applications.
It will take place on June 24th in Pisa, Italy.

More information on the SemSeg EU Project…