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List of Participants

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Confirmed Participants

Name Affiliation
Teresa De-martino European Comission Brussels Scientific Officer
Ronny Peikert ETH Z?rich Head of SciVis Group
Benjamin Schindler ETH Z?rich PhD Candidate
Etienne Memin INRIA Rennes Head of Fluminance group
Simon Candelaresi NORDITA Stockholm PhD Candidate
Helwig Hauser University of Bergen Head of Visualization group
Ellen H?tta University of Bergen Financial Supervisor
Armin Pobitzer University of Bergen PhD Candidate
Holger Theisel University of Magdeburg Head of Visualization group
Petra Specht University of Magdeburg Local organization
Alexander Kuhn University of Magdeburg PhD Candidate
Matthias Otto University of Magdeburg PhD Candidate
Renzo Ricca University of Milano-Bicocca Professor of Matematical Physics
Kre?imir Matković VRVis Vienna Head of visualization group
Stefan Schmied VRVis Vienna Financial Supervisor
Alan Lez VRVis Vienna PhD Candidate
Robert Kerr Warwick Mathematics Institute Professor of Mathematics
Ingrid Hotz Zuse Institute Berlin Head of Comparative Visualization Group
Valerio Pascucci Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute,
University of Utah
Associate Professor