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Workshop on Topology in Fluid Flow Visualization

Schedule on Friday, 24th June 2011

Time Speaker Title
09:00 Holger Theisel,
University of Magdeburg
09:05 Robert Kerr,
University of Warwick
A historical overview of using topological structures to describe turbulent flows
09:30 Armin Pobitzer,
University of Bergen
Feature extraction from unsteady flow data with proper orthogonal decomposition
09:50 Alexander Kuhn,
University of Magdeburg
FTLE without the gradient of the flow map
10:10 Benjamin Schindler,
ETH Z?rich
Lagrangian coherent structures for a design analysis of a revolving door
10:30 Coffee break
10:55 Ingrid Hotz,
Zuse Institute Berlin
Robust extraction and tracking of flow features
11:20 Etienne Memin,
INRIA Rennes
Fluid flows analysis from image sequences
11:45 Renzo Ricca,
University of Milano-Bicocca
Topological dynamics by structural complexity methods
12:10 Lunch break
13:40 Mathias Otto,
University of Magdeburg
Uncertain flow topology
14:00 Alan Le?,
VRVis Vienna
Comparative interactive visual analysis of flow datasets
14:20 Simon Candelaresi,
NORDITA Stockholm
Decay of helical and non-helical magnetic knots
14:45 Renzo Ricca,
Ronny Peikert,
Robert Kerr,
Helwig Hauser,
Holger Theisel
Panel discussion: topological methods for unsteady flows – how far is the solution?