The full day tutorial on advanced medical visualization will take place on Monday, October 5th, in the Holiday Inn Munich, in Forum 9 (across the street from the Philharmonic Hall).

The slides of all talks are available now. Click here for the complete package

Time Program
8:30 Introduction
Bernhard Preim, Anna Vilanova
8:40 Volume rendering
Timo Ropinski [pdf], Markus Hadwiger [pdf]
9:40 Recent Developments in Ultrasound Visualization [pdf]
Stefan Bruckner
10:10 Simplifying Medical Visualization through Sparse Interaction and Reformation [pdf]
Eduard Gröller
10:40 Break
10:55 Visualization of (Cardiac) Bloodflow Data [pdf]
Anna Vilanova
11:25 Diffusion Imaging Visualization [pdf]
Thomas Schultz
11:55 Visual Analytics of Cohort Study Data [pdf]
Bernhard Preim
12:25 Lunch Break
13:30 Visual Fusion of Multi-Modal and Multi-Parametric Image Data [pdf]
Katja Buehler
14:00 Interactive Visualization of Whole-Body Medical Volume Data [pdf]
Anders Ynnerman
14:30 GPU-based biomechanical simulations and steering [pdf]
Rüdiger Westermann
15:00 Questions and Answers
15:15 Creating an Open API for the First Digital Operating Microscope
Christoph Bichlmeier (ARRI MEDICAL)
Please contact Dr. Bichlmeier for the slides.
15:35 Coffee Break
16:00 Panel Discussion "Open problems in medical image analysis and visualization getting closer/ or bridging the gap"
Katja Bühler, Thomas Deserno [pdf], Bernhard Kainz [pdf], Wiro Niessen [pdf], Bernhard Preim [pdf], and Anders Ynnerman
17:00 End
The tutorial is supported by Mediennetzwerk Bayern.