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[CGM+02]  Synergism in Low Level Vision

Chritoudias:2002:SLL (In proceedings)
Author(s)Christoudias C., Georgescu B. and Meer P.
Title« Synergism in Low Level Vision »
InProceedings of the 16th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR'02)
PublisherIEEE Computer Society
AddressLos Alamitos, CA

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                 delineation and the oversegmentation of the image, we have
                 incorporated a recently proposed edge magnitude/confidencemap
                 into a color image segmenter based on the mean shift procedure.
                 The new method can recover regions with weak but sharp
                 boundaries and thus can provide a more accurate input for high
                 level interpretation modules. The Edge Detection and Image
                 SegmentatiON (EDISON) system, available for download,
                 implements the proposed technique and provides a complete
                 toolbox for discontinuity preserving filtering, segmentation
                 and edge detection. },
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