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[FR+98b]  Image Mosaics

Finkelstein:1998:IM (Technical report)
Author(s)Finkelstein A. and Range M.
Title« Image Mosaics »
InstitutionPrinceton University, Computer Science Department
TypeTechnical Report

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  optabstract = {We describe a process for creating an image mosaic -- a
                 collection of small images arranged in such a way that when
                 they are seen together from a distance they suggest a larger
                 image. To visually suggest the larger form, the small images
                 are arranged to match a large picture as much as possible, and
                 then their colors are adjusted to better suggest the overall
                 form. Arrangement of the small images may be either manual or
                 automatic. Adjustment of the colors in the small image to
                 further suggest the larger picture is fully automatic and
                 employs a new color correction scheme that generalizes
                 traditional halftoning.},
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