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[Smi97]  Digital Paint Systems---Historical Overview

Smith:1997:DPS (Technical report)
Author(s)Smith A.R.
Title« Digital Paint Systems---Historical Overview »
NumberTech Memo 14
InstitutionMicrosoft Corporation

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  optpostscript = {},
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  optnote = {The period I will cover is from the late 1960s to the early 1980s,
             from the beginnings of the technology of digital painting up to the
             first consumer products that implemented it. I include a little
             information about major developments in the later 1980s. Two
             surveys that cover this later period fairly well---when the
             emergence of the personal computer completely changed the software
             universe---were both published in the magazine Computer Graphics
             World [Smith82a, Robertson88]. My emphasis, of course, is on those
             systems I knew firsthand. I begin with a simple timeline of
             programs and systems. I will attempt a weighting and a “genealogy”
             of these in a later section, where I will also narrow the field to
             those painting systems that have directly affected the movie
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