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[TKF+04]  Shape-Enhanced Surgical Visualizations and Medical Illustrations with Multi-Flash Imaging

Tan:2004:SES (Technical report)
Author(s)Tan K.H., Kobler J., Feris R., Dietz P. and Raskar R.
Title« Shape-Enhanced Surgical Visualizations and Medical Illustrations with Multi-Flash Imaging »

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  optpostscript = {},
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  optnote = {We present a novel approach for enhancing images and video used in
             endoscopic surgery so that they are better able to convey shape.
             Our method is based on multi-flash imaging, in which multiple light
             sources are strategically positioned to cast shadows along depth
             discontinuities. We describe designs for achieving multi-flash
             imaging using multiple endoscopes as well as in single endoscopes.
             Multi-flash photography can also be used for creating medical
             illustrations. By highlighting the detected edges, suppressing
             unnecessary details, or combining features from multiple images,
             the resulting images convey more clearly the 3D structure of the
             subject. The method is easy to implement both in software and
             hardware, and can operate in realtime.},
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